Towny Rules

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  1. No griefing or stealing from other players.
  2. No advertising of other servers. (both IP address and names)
  3. Be respectful to everyone. This includes yourself!
  4. No swearing or use of foul language.
  5. Do not create or claim next to another town.
  6. Do not set homes or do /back in other people's properties without asking for permissions first.
  7. Report all bugs or any economy issues to a staff member.
  8. Do not abuse any bugs or the economy.
  9. Hacking of any kind is not permitted.
  10. AFK farms are not allowed.
  11. No farms that exploit the economy are allowed. (Iron golem, gold, emerald farms, etc) No Lag intensive grinders, farms, or machines are allowed.
  12. All machines need to be able to toggle on and off. (This prevents lag)
  13. Do not beg for items, money, or ranks.
  14. TP killing is not allowed.
  15. Locking other people's belongings is not allowed.
  16. Do not sell donation perms for in-game money. (Example: selling of decoration heads)
Not open for further replies.