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    Server Update

    Server Update Added support for punishment history Added Bungeecord punishments, meaning punishments will occur on all servers, rather than one Updated staff punishment GUI Reset Towny Nether and End Added /pvp toggle to Towny Updated Rules for Towny. Please do /rules in-game Updated /hub GUI...
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    Towny Rules

    No griefing or stealing from other players. No advertising of other servers. (both IP address and names) Be respectful to everyone. This includes yourself! No swearing or use of foul language. Do not create or claim next to another town. Do not set homes or do /back in other people's...
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    Evergarden Network

    Evergarden Website We are excited to show off our brand new website! Created a brand new website with a beautiful theme Created a new donation store Added the ability to use !tebex:claim in the Discord to link ranks purchased. Currently working a Player Shops for players to be able to create...